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VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’
Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, TU Delft
Kluyverweg 1, 2629 HS Delft
015 – 27 85366


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The Space Department

The VSV symposium ‘Rescaling Limits: Exploring Spacecraft Sizing’ is organised by the 32th Space Department of the Student Society of Aerospace Students VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’. Besides being responsible for the VSV Symposium, the Space Department organises space and spaceflight themed lectures and excursions for aerospace students. This year, the members of the Space Department are:

Bastiaan Bosman – President nieuw-tijdloos
Allard de Boeij – Secretary
Thomas Arblaster – Treasurer
Stefan Knoops – Lectures
Arjan Vermeulen – Excursions
Pieter Bijl – Symposium Affairs
Brent Kool – QQ