Rescaling Limits: Exploring Spacecraft Sizing

The 20th century has seen some of the most important milestones of spaceflight: the first satellite, the first man in space and the landing on the moon. The 21st century so far has seen the rise of private spaceflight and the increased reusability of launchers. Downscaling of satellite components has allowed the construction of smaller satellites that can be launched from new smaller launch systems, yet launchers are also increasing in size.The space industry is at a crossroad: larger or smaller?

This edition of the VSV Symposium will focus on the recent advancements in the downscaling of satellite components, the implementation of cubesats and the effect they have on the development of launch systems. Is miniaturization the future for spaceflight, or will the industry keep focusing on building traditional rockets and satellites?

The VSV symposium aims to inspire the audience and trigger them into thinking about the new approaches to spaceflight and the industry. During the morning, workshops will be given before the readings starts, where the students can experience a practical approach to the subject. In the afternoon, several companies will present their view on the next generation of launch systems and satellites.

It is the aim of this symposium to present the future possibilities in this field, but even more to let the students think about these developments. By letting students interact with professionals, a closer link between their studies and real applications can be made. In turn this might spark new ideas that will propel the industry even further.