The Vision

Evolution of aviation: "Revolutionizing an industry"

“Times change.” This is one of the most universal sayings we know. And as much as times change, so do industries. This is not any different for the aviation industry. More so, the aviation industry has shown a true evolution. Wood-linnen flying machines have evolved into three story buildings. Grass fields where these flying machines used to land have evolved into entire cities. Operators have evolved from transport of mail into connecting people all over the world.

During this evolution, the expectations of the above might have been entirely different. One possibly wonders to what extent aviation has developed toward former ideas. What interesting concepts have not seen the light of day? Which aircraft have underwent the exact opposite and have become prime features of today’s industry? It is even more interesting to see what the future views on aviation are. What do manufacturers think aircraft will look like in the future; what are their cutting-edge designs? What will airports look like in the future; even larger, or will the infrastructure as we know it completely disappear? How will passengers and goods be processed; how do operators see their future revenue model and fleets?

The 2019 VSV Symposium aims to give an insight into the most interesting past expectations of the present, and most revolutionary present expectations of the future. During workshops and talks on a variety of different topics in aviation, the companies that participated in the evolution of the industry can shed light on their often very rich history and enlightening views of the future.

As will become clear during the symposium, many concepts have failed, or have disappointed. However, these learn us valuable lessons that make it possible to revolutionize aviation in different ways. Other concepts have become the great new successes of the industry, but also need to evolve to keep up with the progression of time. The goal of the 2019 VSV Symposium is to inspire its attendees, and in particular all students of Aerospace Engineering, stimulating them to reflect on lessons learned from the past and presented visions of the future and to participate in developing the aviation industry of tomorrow.