In the morning before the Symposium, several workshops will be organized for a smaller group of students. Please note that these workshops are seperate from the main program of the symposium, and a ticket for the symposium will not include access to the workshops.

Workshop 1: Serious Gaming – SOLD OUT
9:00 – 10:30

The first workshop will be given by the NLR on the topic of Serious Gaming:

During this workshop you will be working on the first creative session that takes place in the design process of a serious game. As the name suggests, a serious game is a game that can be used for serious goals such as testing specific skills like reaction time and spatial awareness. The game you will be designing the concept for is a real assignment from the NLR. After the workshop you will also have to possibility to play the game that the NLR made. The workshop will be given by Shaam Sewnath, he was the person in charge of the design of the game the NLR developed.



Workshop 2: CubeSat Design – SOLD OUT
10:45 – 12:00

The second workshop, on the topic of CubeSat design, will be organised by ISIS.

During this workshop you will be participating in a conceptual designing session for a special satellite mission with 4 other students. The missions that you will be working on are real missions that companies around the world are trying to tackle. The workshop will be given by an employee of Innovative Solutions In Space, a company specialised in the nanospace industry of which the chairman of the symposium, Jeroen Rotteveel, is the CEO.



Workshop 3: Personal Branding
10:45 – 12:00

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The third workshop will be provide by YER, and will cover the topic of Personal Branding.

During this workshop you will be improving your chances on the job market by learning the art of building a unique brand around yourself as an individual. By doing this you will gain a skill necessary to distinguish yourself in the professional world. This workshop will be given by YER (Young Executive Recruitment). YER is a company that is built around teaching nearly graduated and fully graduated students how to enter the job market as prepared as possible.