The program of the ‘Rescaling Limits, Exploring Spacecraft Sizing’ symposium  is shown below.

Note that the entire program is not “mandatory” when you attend the symposium. You can walk in and out of the auditorium at any time of the day if you only want to visit certain parts of the symposium.

The program is subject to change, we are still finalizing some of the details and some minor time changes will probably occur. To stay updated, follow the event on Facebook!


09:00 – 10:30 ‘Serious Gaming’ from NLR
09:45 – 12:15 CubeSat Design from ISIS
10:45 – 12:15 Personal branding’ from YER
12:15 Check-in opens. Lunch for attendees from the workshops and invited guests
13:30 Introduction by Roger Hak, President of the VSV “Leonardo da Vinci”
13:40 Introduction by Ir. J. Rotteveel, Chairman of the Symposium
Launch Systems
14:00 ArianeGroup – Mathieu Chaize, Launcher & Launch Service Engineer
14:20 ESA – Giorgio Tumino, Vega and Space Rider Development Programmes manager
14.40 TU Delft Pitches
 Prof. Eberhard Gill, Head of the TU Delft Space Department
 Jasper Bouwmeester, Manager Delfi Satellite Program
 Jian Guo, Assitant Professor TU Delft
14.55 Questions & Discussion
 15.15  Break
Satellite systems and constellations
15:35 LuxSpace – Jeroen Buursink, Head of Microsatellite Department
15:55 ESA – Giorgio Bagnasco, Project manager Sentinel-4
16:15 Airbus D&S- Didier Alary, Head of Advanced Systems
16:35 Questions & Discussion
 16.55  Heinz Stoewer Space Award
17:10 Conclusion – Ir. J. Rotteveel, Chairman of the symposium
17:20 Conclusion – Pieter Bijl, VSV Space Department
 17:30  Network Drink