Advancing Aviation: Expanding the Value of Sustainable Flight

During a crisis, humanity always shows the resilience to change in the face of adversity. Now that the world of aviation has suddenly come to a halt due to the CoVID-19 crisis, this might be just the right time to look at the possibilities for change. Looking ahead, our sights are set on a future without the polluting aviation that exists today. Aviation has shown us how much is possible in our world when we have the very unique and valuable ability to fly, so let us take on the challenge of creating the green aviation of the future.


With our Symposium, we want to show you how much aviation has meant for the world, the value it has in the modern day society, and how this can continue into the future. What is the value of flight? How can we help aviation advance into the future? And what will aviation mean to society in that future? These and many other questions will be answered during the VSV Symposium on the 2nd of March. People from all sorts of disciplines, ranging from visionaries to realists and sceptics, will shed their light on the different sides of the debate.


In the morning, students can attend workshops given by various companies that will challenge them and provide a fun learning experience. There will also be an innovation floor, where fascinating start-ups and student teams can present their ideas to show the many opportunities that are worth pursuing. In the afternoon, a program filled with presentations will enlighten attendees about the value of aviation and its future value in society, featuring professionals from different fields of expertise. Next to the presentations, multiple discussion panels consisting of speakers, other great minds, and students will open up a debate led by the Chair of the Day, in which also the attendees are encouraged to partake!


The value of aviation is in its opportunities to make the world a better place in every way imaginable. With our Symposium we want to motivate students to use these possibilities, dare them to look differently at the issues in our world, and show how aviation can be a solution. Because in this world it takes the greatest minds, and the most committed people, to advance aviation into the world of tomorrow.

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